Natcha White Serum


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Natcha White Serum is the latest formula that is 20 times more concentrated than before for 10 times more radiant and bright skin naturally. Combining the values of concentrated Alpha Arbutin and Botanical Extract, it works together in 4 steps for maximum efficiency.

  • Reduces melasmas, freckles, and deep dark spots effectively
  • Reduces wrinkles and lines, making skin firmer
  • Reduces dark spots and redness from acne
  • Reduces acne, irritation, and inflammation of acne
  • Helps tighten skin pores
  • Adds moisture to skin and strengthens skin not to be sensitive but resistant to pollution and sunlight
  • Reduces dullness and sunburn of skin, making skin radiant and glowing
  • Promotes skin to be soft, smooth, and glowing
  • Contains no alcohol that harms skin
  • Delivery available all over India including city of chennai, hyderabad, tamil nadu, delhi and rest of India


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